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The 30-Minute Crown Prep

It doesn’t happen overnight.   Most times we never realize we’ve done it.  Some of us have tried to improve, but all of us surely realize that at some juncture we reach the point of maximum capacity due to clinical speed.   When I was practicing every day, we would routinely have…

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7 Things Every New Patient Should Expect

Not long ago, I received a marketing piece that listed 7 things every new patient deserves.  I would like to expand on this with my own list. We all spend money on branding our practices and trying to attract new patients.  With varying results, I hear doctors complain about this strategy or that….

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Five Smart Moves To Make Right Now

While so many dental offices are sitting on their hands, the conditions are actually ideal for going after market share. In other words, now is the perfect time to sit down at the table and calmly eat the competition’s lunch. The way to get the job done is by making a series…

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