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Our Approach

Our Approach to Dental Practice Growth

Summit Practice Solutions offers dental office consulting through courses that both stand-alone and cover the comprehensive array of systems required to profitably operate your practice. Whether you are a doctor who can benefit from the entire program, or a doctor who can benefit from only a portion of our program, we use your input to select the appropriate courses and sequence that enables you to bridge the gaps between your current realities and future vision of dental office growth.


Produce More, Collect All, Keep Half is more than just a catchy phrase. It embodies what many doctors are striving to achieve in their practices. Summit Practice Solutions teaches you how to reach these goals. These principles are like the legs on a three-legged stool. All three are extremely important to create a balance not only in your practice, but also in your personal life. When you reach these goals professionally, it gives you the free time and financial freedom to enjoy your personal life.


Our goal for you is 50% to 55%. This is realistic. You should be able to keep approximately half of every dollar you produce (REMEMBER – you will collect at or near 100%). We also believe strongly that you need to be debt-free. It’s amazing how much less stressful every day is when you’re out of debt. Think about it.


Our goal is for you to be with a patient, producing dentistry, during the entire time that you’re in the practice for that purpose. The same is true for your hygienist(s). Regardless of the number of hours you choose to practice per week or per month, you should be productively busy for all of that time. Maximize your time and you’ll maximize your profits. We’ll have you working toward a daily goal and scheduling a mix of procedures to reduce stress and increase income.


Get paid for what you do. Period. No excuses. You must have a policy and you must adhere to it equally and fairly for all patients. Equip your staff with the tools to enforce a sound financial policy and you will collect between 98% and 100%.

Financial Arrangements

Today’s most successful practices are providing multiple methods and options for patients to pay for their dental treatment. We’ll provide you with sensible, quality options to help you assist your patients afford needed treatment.

Treatment Planning

This is crucial to smooth daily operations. Without an effective treatment plan system, your case acceptance and patient follow-through just won’t happen as it should. There will be confusion between the clinical staff and the front office staff, commonly resulting in patients who “fall through the cracks.” We’ll help you eliminate this scenario from your practice.

New Patient Procedure

You’ve heard it said before that “you only have one chance to make a good first impression.” This is extremely important in your practice. We believe that the majority of patients today expect diagnosis and treatment recommendations on their initial visit. Many are even willing to begin treatment immediately. Time is an extremely valuable commodity today. You must respect and value your patient’s time. We’ll show you how to effectively manage this initial exam and bond these patients to your practice on a long-term basis.


Problems with staff driving you crazy? Practice without a staff! Like most things that “sound too good to be true,” this is not a realistic solution to staff difficulties. But your staff should be working with you in helping to build your practice and reach your goals. If they aren’t, we’ll teach you how to get them to view working for you as more than “just another job.” When their active interest in the success of the practice becomes a daily reality, your bottom line will increase dramatically.


Note: This is not a dirty word. If you think marketing your practice is unethical, immoral, illegal – whatever, you’re in serious trouble. Do more dentists advertise today than 20 years ago? Ten years ago? Five years ago? Last year? The answer is YES, YES, YES, YES. Will more dentists advertise next year? The year after that? Again, the answer is absolutely YES. No doubt about it. We’ll provide you with proven marketing strategies. No trial and error. No wondering if it will work or if you’re just wasting your money. We provide actual samples and instructions that have been and continue to be very effective in many practices.


If your hygiene department isn’t providing one-third of your total practice volume, we can show you how to correct the deficiency. Too often we see hygiene schedules that are 100% prophies. Soft tissue programs and elective procedures must be a part of any successful hygiene department. We also see practices that do not have an effective recall program. This is unacceptable. Patients who are in your practice on a regular basis are happy patients. Happy patients refer their friends and family to you.

Patient Reactivation

How many “dusty charts” do you have in your files? How many thousands of dollars of diagnosed but uncompleted treatment reside in these “paper tombs”? Get busy. Get organized. Get a plan! We’ll show you how to get these patients back into the practice and get that dentistry completed.


It is our belief that most doctors should not wait until retirement time to “cash in” on the equity that has been built in their practices. Remove that equity early, invest it wisely, and watch it grow until retirement. Then enjoy it. We can show you how, including actual contracts.