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Dentists have heard the word “delegate” for years, yet many still do not believe it can actually work for their practice.  However, delegation with proper planning creates a team of skilled, responsible professionals.

The key is skill.  Skill results from …

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Dave's Insurance Question

Dave, it’s good to hear from you.  I hope my reply to your question helps.

Any input on Delta Dental refusing to pay for crowns? For the last month they are refusing to pay for crowns; we have never had

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Contentment and Purpose (part 2)

The Fulfillment Curve

The Fulfillment Curve is one of the main tenets of a great book called Your Money Or Your Life by Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robin.  Rather than attempt to explain it myself, I’ve included below a summary …

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Contentment and Purpose

Throughout my years as a dental consultant/coach, I have encountered a wide range of attitudes from dentists related to what I like to call “contentment and purpose”.  Let me explain…….

Contentment is defined in the dictionary as  “…

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“The problem with communication is the illusion that it has occurred.” – George Bernard Shaw

Consistency – modern culture longs for this; things change too fast; consistency = comfort; give patients the same experience every time they are in the …

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Cancellations and No-Shows

There is nothing worse than having a perfect day scheduled at 8:00am and by 9:00am, 20% of the day has cancelled.  What’s even worse is that cancellations and no-shows seem to affect the most productive procedures (Crown and bridge for …

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Caught By Capacity: Why We Stop Growing

I just got off the phone with a doctor who had too much experience, too little situational awareness, and a complete aversion to implementing change.  This was the good part of the call.  He had contacted me to go over …

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Recommended Reading – Leadership, Management, Motivation)

Getting Everything You Can Out Of All You’ve Got – Abraham, Jay
You Are The Message – Ailes, Roger
Service America – Albrecht and Zemke
Charisma – Alessandra, Tony
The Platinum Rule – Alessandra, Tony
Communicating At Work – Alessandra …

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The Number One Wealth Building Strategy in Dentistry

I would have to say that the idea of helping young to mid-career doctors build their financial future, and helping late term doctors transform their practice into a 5-10 year exit strategy was the real reason we wrote this book.  …

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To Bonus, Or Not To Bonus? That Is The Question.

The short answer is absolutely maybe.  It always starts with a short email from a doctor asking me how to structure his/her bonus.   I always answer:  “Give me a call, because it will take too long to type it, and …

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