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Success Story: Rick Neuman, DDS

I was a million dollar, single doctor practice that by my own choice operated without a hygienist. Most of my team members kept busy, collected a paycheck and routinely allowed patients to walk out of our practice without stopping at the front desk. Our practice was growing, but we lacked the systems to control or collect what we produced. Time elapsed, accounts became uncollectible and I ended up doing a lot of hard work for free. I didn’t have the time or expertise to micromanage the administrative part of my practice, so my only choice was to work even harder. I was very stressed about my practice and I only had one team member who shared my concerns. To the others, this was just a job.

Since hiring Summit Practice Solutions two years ago, we increased our net production by 31% and increased our collections 42%. Currently our averaged collection ratio is 105%. Our new patient numbers have gone from 44/month to 67/month. While numbers may impress some of my colleagues, I have to say the value Summit Practice Solutions has brought to me, is peace of mind. At the practice, I can have confidence that financial arrangements are discussed and followed up on with every single patient. My team is not just “busy”, but they know what good practice numbers should be and they know on a daily basis where we stand. They are focused on the tasks that really make a difference to the bottom line. Growth is no longer a wild, unproductive ride, but rather a marked path. Last fall we built a new office, this summer we added a part time hygienist. Ultimately full time hygienists and another doctor will be hired, but through every step of our journey, we keep overhead below 50%. My team is committed to a shared future and I can go home at night and not worry about my practice. If you are looking to take the stress out of your life, then I recommend that you bring Summit Practice Solutions into it. If you want to hear what a difference they can make, then give me a call.

Rick Neuman, DDS
Grand Rapids, MI