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Success Story: Richard E. Williams, DDS

Dear Dental Colleagues,

I would highly suggest you give your highest consideration to the procurement of services by “Summit Practice Solutions.” A very good friend referred me to Summit and steered me away from another management consulting firm that would have cost me 400% more to participate in and had these negatives to embrace:

Cookie Cutter transformation of me

Required me to bring my staff to them, therefore having to pay for staff airfare, food, hotel, etc.

Never have their “expertise” look into the reality of my office, practice, building, etc., i.e., the real world I live and work in.

To the contrary, the Summit Practice Solutions consultant comes to MY town, MY practice, and interacts with MY staff on a regular basis and he’s become a key component in my thinking and planning for the success of my business/practice. I cannot think of a greater return on investment for guidance in this area!


Richard E. Williams, DDS
4000 Old Seward Hwy., Ste. 100
Anchorage, AK 99503