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The Super General Dental Practice: Revised and Expanded 2nd Edition

We are faced with numerous game-changing challenges that threaten to end dentistry as we know it. Only by learning the secrets of the Super General Dental Practice will you have the assurance of thriving regardless of the economy.

Highly productive, profitable practices are not an accident. There is a very precise, predictable way to grow a practice to any level you want. This strategy also includes creating a figurative faucet of new patients that you can turn on or off at will. Forget about the threats and take advantage of the knowledge and systems that Dr. Michael Abernathy has perfected in his practices and the thousands of doctors practices that he has impacted in his almost four decades as a speaker, author and coach.

My newest book The Super General Dental Practice: Revised and Expanded 2nd Edition is a roadmap to creating the practice you always knew you would have.

Price is $19.95 with FREE shipping. Don’t wait. Order today.

Marketing the Super General Dental Practice

Get Your Head Out of the Sand
Discover how a small town dentist was able to generate 250-300 new patients consistently month after month. Marketing is the cornerstone to maintaining your competitive edge against the big corporations and cheap insurance companies. Take back what you’ve lost and thrive in a way that guarantees double-digit growth every year. Great practices don’t just happen by accident. They are created by crafting a message that resonates with your patients. “I created one of the most profitable practices in Dentistry. Marketing the right way insured my success and continual, consistent growth for over three decades.” -Mike Abernathy, DDS

Price: $19.95 with FREE shipping.


Dental Management Products


Get Your Head Out of the Sand

Get Your Head Out of the Sand
You can’t see opportunities to grow with your head in the sand. Discover what you need to know about corporate competition and how you can get ahead of the game and win more patients and more profit for your practice! The 4 DVD set will reveal the secrets about:

  • Finding and keeping a motivated, inspired staff
  • Steadily increasing flow of new patients
  • How to embrace change and make it your success secret
  • The business benchmarks to shoot for and how to achieve them
  • The Hygiene and Staff Factor that multiplies your numbers
  • Six steps to 92% plus case acceptance
  • Clinical pearls to eliminate sensitivity, breakage, prep and pray, and insure that your patients will tell everybody about your office
  • How to save money on everything your practice purchases – Get ready to put thousands back into your pocket

Price is $147 + $10 shipping.

Ops Tracker

OpsTracker is a non-disruptive way to communicate between the front desk, assistants, hygienists and doctors while not adding to the confusion you already face. It will drastically improve the movement of patients through your office while also forcing you to stay on time, prioritizing where you should be next and communicating with your staff. This strategy should keep you on time, notify the appropriate staff members when patients arrive, when hygienists need a check, where each producer is at any one time, offer a communication format from Op to Op, and have built in timers to remind you whether or not you are on time or falling further and further behind. It’s very simple to install and use and it works with any/every Practice Management software.


Effective, Proven, Time-Tested Marketing Strategies

pulse-presentationMany doctors we speak to don’t know what to invest in, what to devote time to, or what the core elements of a successful marketing plan should be.

If you’re unsure of what your return on investment (ROI) actually is, not attracting the types of new patients you want, your phone isn’t ringing, or your shiny new website isn’t producing new patients, you simply must view these DVD’s from an exclusive new seminar presented by Dr. Mike Abernathy & Colin Receveur. Two 4 hour sessions recorded live and now available in a 7 DVD set.

You’ll learn exactly what every dentist should be doing to market their practices and experience Massive Growth.

Price is $217.00.

180 Degree Dental Journey

This one-of-a-kind, new, very intense 180 Degree Dental Journey will challenge you as never before to see beyond tradition, the way you’ve always done it, the past, the present, the obstacles and barriers to growth, to see your practice, your opportunities and your patients in a whole new, invigorating way.

You will gain specific, precise, 1-2-3 “battlefield tested”, new strategies for significantly increasing your income WITHOUT increasing your chairside hours, WITHOUT working harder, WITHOUT investing in new equipment, WITHOUT increasing overhead and WITHOUT compromising your integrity.

What would you pay to have someone patiently teach these exact secrets to you – and guide you to the actions you need to take for these secrets to pay off for you?

This 7 DVD set was recorded “live” in two half day sessions. It was simply too intense to present in one day. Now you can watch and learn at your own pace. And don’t forget to include your team!

Price is $197.00 plus tax and shipping.

THE ROADMAP to Wealth & Security

Your Complete Guide to Dental Transitions

272 pages of detailed information on how to create exceptional additional income through the partnership process.

Every dentist, regardless of age, should consider this lucrative strategy.

Price is $97.00 plus tax and shipping.

Digital Products

The following items each consist of a downloadable pdf document and a downloadable mp3 audio file. The audio is not a reading of the pdf, but contains additional information on the topic.

The Hygiene Factor

Most dentists would like to think that our patients come to our practices to see us. That’s just not true. Your patients bond to the office primarily because of the staff and this is particularly true when it comes to the hygienist. Hygiene is the hub about which most successful practices orbit and all really productive practices are driven by their incredibly strong recall systems and hygiene staff. What has escaped most doctors is the importance of how successful practices integrate the hygienist and all the systems surrounding them in order to “stage” a perfect visit for our new patients and retuning patients of record. Get this wrong, and you will never realize your practice’s full potential. Get it right and there is no limit.

Price is $19.95 with Instant Download.

100% Case Acceptance

We regularly receive questions about case acceptance, indicating that there is a lot of confusion in dentistry about the subject in general. It seems to mean different things to different people. If you attend enough continuing education courses, you never seem to discover a common consensus about how you define or measure it. In this document and accompanying audio, we are going to answer these questions and give you everything you ever wanted to know about case acceptance. I call it my “can’t miss, shooting dead fish in a barrel with a bazooka strategy to 100% case acceptance”.

Price is $19.95 with Instant Download.

Solving the Cancellation and No-Show Problem

There is nothing worse than having a perfect day scheduled at 8:00am and by 9:00am, 20% of the day has cancelled. What’s even worse is that cancellations and no-shows seem to affect the most productive procedures (Crown and bridge for the doctor and soft tissue appointments for hygiene). Therefore, the 20% cancellation rate may mean an eighty percent reduction in production. It is never just a 20% reduction in production. Cancellations and no-shows are much like a chronic infection that never goes away. It keeps an otherwise good practice from becoming a great one. It is the difference in a profitable practice and a very marginal one.

Price is $19.95 with Instant Download.

How Patients Choose a Dentist

Over and over again you’ve heard me say: “A Dental Practice is just a small consumer driven business”. As such, nothing happens unless the patient (consumer) says yes. If you consistently see the back of people’s heads as they move on down the street to the next dentist on the block, you’re missing an important ingredient. You need to consider giving patients more of what they want rather than what you want. A few years back a doctoral thesis candidate researching some 65,000 people made “what consumers want” a no brainer. I want to give you the list that outlines the very essence of what it takes to be a Super General Dental Practice with unlimited growth potential.

Price is $19.95 with Instant Download.

The Last Word in Overhead & Dental Benchmarks

Steven Covey in 7 Habits of Highly Effective People identifies the number one trait to make you successful in any endeavor: “Begin with the end in mind”. In other words, if you can define, or create a picture of where you want to be, you will shorten the path and define the result. Every day I see doctors trying to hit a phantom target they cannot see. No one can hit a target that is not there. That is why we all need benchmarks. We all need a target to hit, a goal to strive for. How are you going to know how you are doing if no one sets the bar? Benchmarks give you a ruler to measure your progress. They help you create black and white answers to grey questions. Let me give you a few benchmarks to help set a target for your Super General Dental Practice.

Price is $19.95 with Instant Download.

Digital SuperPackage

Save money and get all five (5) digital products above.

Price is $69.99 with Instant Download.


Our Office Shredder Guarantee.

If you decide our products are garbage, you can literally run them through your office shredder and we’ll still give you all your money back, no questions asked.

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Return it within 60 days for a complete refund (excluding shipping). Just put it in a box (the books & dvds, not the office shredder 😉 ) and send it back. And I’ll be happy to refund your money with a smile.

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