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Our Dental Consulting Philosophy

Dental Management Philosophy

You are unique. So are we.

We know just how many options there are for consultants in the dental field. There is no shortage, and this is what drives us to work hard and be unique. We at Summit Practice Solutions are proud to say that several key points make us different.

Our services are unique because we customize our approach to address the specific needs of your practice. No two practices are similar, and the same goes for the practitioners in charge – no two doctors have the exact same objectives. We realize the importance of tailored solutions, and we will work with you to ensure our recommended changes will meet your individual goals without completely disrupting your practice.

We base our systems on the ideals and realities of successful practices. Dr. Mike Abernathy was the founding partner of such a practice that collected over $6,000,000 annually. The practice operated out of two locations in McKinney, Texas. The first is a 4,000 square foot facility with 10 fully functional operatories and an in-house dental lab; the second is a newer facility measuring 2,600 square feet and equipped with six operatories.

These facilities combined composed of 27 staff members. This number includes eight hygienists, eight dental assistants, and eight administrative personnel. The practice averaged 200 new patients per month and maintained a 50% overhead.

Summit Practice Solutions brings a doctor’s point of view to the coaching process. We take it a notch higher by having Dr. Abernathy directly involved in the creation and updating of our systems. Layers upon layers of consultants and managers means there is no confusion on your part. What you get is an integration of personal service and the highest level of knowledge and full commitment.

Too many dental practices today simply get by and survive month to month without definite direction. Most goals are short-term and external events cause mini-crises. Such practices also overlook opportunities to break out of the rut or quickly return to old and tired daily routines. What’s wrong with this scenario?

Avoid becoming part of the statistic. As a doctor, you need to prioritize the results you can achieve for your patients on the clinical and technical aspects of dentistry. Remember, though, that as the business owner and operator, you must also face the challenges that were most likely unaddressed by your technical training. Summit Practice Solutions can help.