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Is It Time for a Change?

A change for the better in your practice is the ultimate measure of success. Ideal as it might seem to roll out new ideas and policies, change takes time. New ideas need constant repetition and establishment in order to be as effective as possible and create sustained change.

This process takes a minimum of six months because of different factors, and may need modification along the way. It is particularly important to remember this because we live in a society conditioned to desire instant satisfaction and immediate results. Think of it this way: the “give it to me today, although yesterday would have been better” mentality only leads to frustration and heightened stress, especially when engaged in business.

Avoid the trouble associated with this mindset and implement a system for change that is goal-oriented and leads to independence. Recommendations for change must borrow from proven strategies of experience and success. Only such systems will produce the optimum results needed to drive your practice forward.