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Frequently Asked Questions

These are typical questions that are asked by many doctors. If you have specific questions, we’d like to answer them. Just email your question(s) and we’ll get an answer to you right away.

What makes Summit different from other consultants?

The methods and strategies we utilize are dynamic. These proven, successful systems are then customized to your particular practice situation and goals.

What is the time commitment required of the doctor and staff?

We estimate that fully implementing our systems and ideas will require most practices an average of four to six hours per week. A portion of this time will be devoted to staff meetings and the remainder to individual tasks for each staff member, including the doctor. Our program requires a team effort.

How are the services delivered?

A consultant will be present in your practice a minimum of eight (8) times per year – to teach, to solve problems, to provide accountability for implementation, and to introduce new material. Additionally, there are telephone “check-up” calls, faxes, and e-mail throughout the month.

Staff Question:”What’s In It For Me”?

We strongly believe that the staff must develop an “ownership attitude” about the practice. This requires that they be or be willing to become exceptional in their individual jobs. Exceptional staff will require exceptional pay. Our incentive plan is second to none – a true win-win scenario for the doctor and the staff.

How can we motivate the staff to be involved in this program?

Motivation means different things to different people. We want everyone in the practice to be enthusiastic, involved, focused, and oriented towards teamwork and growth. This is accomplished through accountability, praise, and increased compensation tied to practice growth and profitability.

Is this program guided step-by-step?

We develop an implementation plan based on your individual goals and style of practice, then become your partner to accomplish those goals. We are with you every step along the way.

Is it really possible to achieve a 50% overhead?

Yes – definitely! Even though the national average is approximately 70%, it is possible to reduce your overhead to the 50% level. This is made possible by increasing teamwork and staff morale, increasing new patients, increasing efficiency – in summary, you PRODUCE MORE, COLLECT ALL, and KEEP HALF.