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Dental Practice Coaching & Consulting

Reaching the top is difficult to accomplish on your own. Successful people from all walks of life around the world rely on the help of individuals like consultants, mentors, and coaches to help them realize their goals and potentials. Michael Jordan is one of the best examples of an icon who had someone help him become who he is today. Jordan had a coach help him develop his game and held him responsible for maintaining excellence in all aspects. Who is helping you?

Summit Practice Solutions consultants work directly with doctors and staff members for full immersion in the program. We do away with potentially costly trial and error phases by implementing improvement and growth strategies that work. Our program is a carefully crafted blend of information, direction, and assistance for implementing the desired and appropriate changes in your practice.

Our first step is to help you define your goals clearly. Once established, we will assist in designing a plan to help you accomplish these objectives. We will also assist in monitoring your progress and make modifications as we go about our partnership.

Combined with regular visits to your practice, written materials, DVDs, telephone conferences, and email, we also work closely with your staff to insure progress. We assist with the installation of proven systems for smooth daily operations resulting in less stress and greater profitability. We integrate weekly and monthly monitors plus regular telephone consultations to keep you and the entire staff focused on every goal and the strategies currently under implementation. This level of accountability ensures the proper carrying out of necessary changes.

At Summit Practice Solutions, we customize our services according to individual practices. We understand the different ideals each doctor might associate with success, practice fulfillment, and quality of life and work towards personalized plans targeting each. The Summit Practice Solutions consulting and coaching program will motivate and push you and your staff to achieve success and excel in every aspect of your practice.

Whatever your needs are, we are committed to being a catalyst and your partner in making things happen.