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Most of us are pretty active. But where you actually go in life is determined by how you see yourself. Activity doesn’t change your identity; your identity changes your activity. It will be how you see yourself (your identity) that …

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A Funny Reminder to be Thankful!

(NOTE: I wish I could claim credit for having written this, but it wasn’t me. I actually don’t know who wrote it. But I’m sure he or she wouldn’t mind me passing it on. And rest assured that I struggle

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I think most of us try to keep our noses clean, do the right thing, and show up every day. There was a time when this would secure your reputation. Kind of like the Old West where good guys didn’t …

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A Little Thanksgiving History

It’s the Thanksgiving Holiday season and, whether you’re reading this before or after Thanksgiving Day itself, I hope you will agree with me that in spite of everything happening in our lives and in the world around us, despite all

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Every Fourth of July, we throw a small get together at our farm. There is a 20-acre lake, BBQ, lots of desserts, fireworks, music, and a hundred or so invitees. I thought this week I would give the Dentistry thing …

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What's BEST for Dentistry?

This was an email I received a couple of days ago and my response. I hope you find this to be motivation to stand up and act. Be sure to read to the very end. MA

Was not going

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Thanksgiving Proclamation

Issued by President George Washington, at the request of Congress, on October 3, 1789

By the President of the United States of America, a Proclamation.

Whereas it is the duty of all nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, …

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How Much Should I Pay an Employee?

A lot rides on this question. You are trying to keep the compensation for all of your employees at 25%. This isn’t just what their check totals each pay period. It includes: taxes, sick days, vacations, holidays, insurance, uniforms, continuing …

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I spend a lot of time looking at print marketing from dental practices all across the country. Whether it is Internet, yellow pages, a mail campaign, billboards, newspapers, or a brochure, there are a few things most of us miss …

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Learning How To Present Change In Hygiene

We need to look at two things today. How should we approach change with any staff member in our office, and how can we increase our hygiene department production, profit, and satisfaction in just a few days? Today is the …

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