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We have a guest article this week from Dr. Alan Wickenhauser. Among his many professional accomplishments and endeavors, Dr. Wickenhauser lectures for Kerr Corporation, has been published in Dental Products Reports, and holds a patent for co-developing a novel new

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Ain't Nobody Got Time for a $90,000 Fine!

“Sharalyn Fichtl may be the smartest person I know”. Dr. Mike Abernathy

“In all likelihood, it’s not going to be too long before some good-old-boy dentist has to spend the last 20 to 30 years of his life behind bars

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How To Properly Conduct and Document a Harassment Investigation

(Note: We published an article by Sharalyn Fichtyl a few months and it was very well received. So naturally we’ve asked her for another. This is an important topic and, sadly, very few dentists know what to do and what

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How to Dismiss a Patient Without Committing Patient Abandonment

(Note: Sharalyn Fichtl is a dental office compliance guru and we are pleased to have her expertise and to make her services available to more dentists in our BEST for Dentistry alliance. —- MG)

Three years as a dental board …

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OSHA Requires a Customized Exposure Control…what?

(NOTE: This is a guest article from Sharalyn Fichtl of Dental Quality Assurance, PLLC. We’re sure you will find her qualifications impressive. Her contact info is included. If you need some OSHA or HIPPA assistance, she is the person to

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Reducing Patient Anxiety in Clinical Settings

This is an awesome product that I have used for many, many years and have also recommended it to hundreds of other dentists. I have never received anything other than very positive feedback. Yes, it’s just a small thing. But

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If you were building your dream home, would you judge its quality by the type of hammer your carpenter swung?

Ridiculous question, right?

You won’t believe me, but dentists say this ALL the time.
• “What’s my bounce rate?”
• …

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12 Hard Truths About Advertising That Are NOT Self-evident

1. The world of advertising is noisier and more crowded than you ever dreamed possible.

2. Even though you are paying money to reach them, prospective customers are not required to give you their attention.

3. Until you win the …

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Employees Can Be Much Better Than They Are


Employee self-esteem has traditionally been a subject for the analyst’s couch. In the 21st century and beyond, however, it doesn’t make sense to leave it there.
Key: How …

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Politics and Healthcare

To All,

I want to address how the political arena is going to affect your business.

First, we must assume that Obama could be re-elected. Most of the power of ObamaCare comes directly from the Secretary of HHS, which is …

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