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In a profession where everything counts we need to limit our unforced errors. I love tennis, and I hate unforced errors. I have trained, practiced, been coached, and played engaged and then I miss a “give me” shot that I would actually have to work at missing. The term unforced error is an important part of the vocabulary in the world of tennis. No statistic is more emphasized than unforced errors, largely due to the fact that they are quite often the difference between winning and losing. An unforced error is best defined as an error in a service or return shot that cannot be attributed to any factor other than poor judgement and improper execution by the player (that would be you and me).  It is entirely a result of the player’s own blunder, and not because of the opponent’s skill or effort. These unforced errors can initiate a player’s self-destruction and eventual downfall. A large percentage of tennis matches as well as dental practices are lost not due to the opponent’s strength, but due to a player’s overwhelming number of unforced errors. You will never be great at anything without limiting your unforced errors.

We are starting the first quarter of the new year and like most, I look at this time as an opportunity to start over and try once again to not repeat the actions, habits, and steps that caused me to stumble last year. In a way, everything is new again and most of us have a renewed feeling of optimism that this year will better than the last. I want to try and get you to mentally prepare yourself for your best year ever over these next few weeks.

Limiting your unforced errors requires that you bring greater maturity and discipline to your game, changing how you approach certain shots, limiting or eliminating any behavior that stands between you and the unleashing of your greatness and allowing your mistakes, errors and challenges to actually lead the way to better results.

Unforced errors are at the root of indecision, self-doubt, lack of confidence, running behind, apathy, procrastination, inconsistency, arrogance, greed, excuse making, blaming, negativity, jealousy, over-spending, etc. Fortunately, there is a solution. We would like to invite you to partner with Summit Practice Solutions and change your future. Last year is gone, and the new year is an open book where you get to write the story line and happy ending. Give me a call and let me take a hard look at last year and put you on the road to making better decisions this year by understanding the actual challenges and what to do about them. It is free, and all you have to do is request a Growth Analysis Spreadsheet and supply a few numbers so that I can give you specific answers to your challenges.

  • It has to start somewhere.
  • It has to start sometime.
  • What better place than here?
  • What better time than now?

This is how you Summit: Practice management done right.
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