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The most important question you should ask yourself is this: “Am I marketable?” There seems to be no shortage of sage advice and shrewd experts to sell us the next greatest marketing whatchamacallit. The trouble is that marketing needs to be measured and defined in various ways. What would “successful” mean when we speak of marketing? I, for one, would see marketing as successful if we had an unlimited number of new patients who showed up, paid for their treatment, and then referred everyone they knew with at least a 3 to 1 return on my investment.

Regardless of what successful marketing looks like, those four things would bring your practice to the pinnacle of success. Having patients show up just means that your reputation, marketing message, and history have been good enough to create some validity for you and your practice in the minds of the public. They respect you and what you do. Their paying for treatment is the culmination of taking care of the concerns of your patients once they have met you (fear, pain, time, money, and trust) so that they followed through with their treatment. Referring everyone they know is the best indicator of the relationship you have with your clients, staff, and the public. It signifies that you have all the bases covered. Finally, the minimum of a 3 to 1 return on your investment (ROI) means the campaign or outreach took into consideration the demographics of the population and it resonated enough with what they wanted at a time they could come in was right on the mark.

So, the marketing brings them in or gets them to call, but without the proper systems, protocols, staff, clinical excellence, and a doctor with people skills, it will go nowhere. I had a doctor complaining about a marketing group that had charged him $80,000 dollars for a year of marketing effort. He claimed that he did not get one patient from his investment. Not one. Come to find, he did receive literally hundreds of calls. But no one made an appointment. Was their practice marketable? No.

Successful marketing is when our “message” and our “methods” exceed the expectations of our clients. Then and only then can there be anything approaching successful marketing. It is in this vain that I wrote a new book called: MARKETING THE SUPER GENERAL DENTAL PRACTICE. It is hot off the presses and I want to make sure that you have the opportunity to look at marketing in a completely different way. It is sixty chapters of nothing but meat. It covers all of the same marketing strategies that allowed me to attract 250-300 new patients per month in McKinney, Texas. It includes both external and internal marketing strategies and also gives you access to actual examples online.

Too many practices today rely solely on a website and social media as their only source of attracting new patients. Those are an important part of your marketing outreach for sure. But this is definitely a case of “more is better”. More methods employed equals more new patients. Just go to to get your copy today.
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