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There is a tried and true process called the “Management Circle” that can set you on the path for great leadership. The Management Circle (empower, verify, follow up, adjust) demonstrates how we can approach the day-to-day organization and running of our practices. This management style places emphasis on individual performance and focuses on training our employees to be their absolute best. Here is how it works:

  • Empower. After we hire the right employee and train them well, we grant them the trust to go out and perform their responsibilities. Employee empowerment means allowing members of your team to act autonomously (Staff Ownership explained in The Super General Dental Practice book) in their work and make decisions on their own. This level of trust ultimately fosters honest leadership, open communication and employee job satisfaction. It involves trusting your employees so that they feel confident and empowered enough to perform to the best of their abilities.
  • Verify. While we trust our staff members by empowering them to do their jobs, we also verify their work through measurement and benchmarks. How you verify an employee’s work is completely up to you, and likely depends on your level of trust in an individual’s abilities. Verification keeps employees on point, engaged, and eager to perform. An added benefit in giving you added peace of mind when it comes to them performing their duties.
  • Follow up. It is essential that you follow up with each staff member on a regular basis to ensure clarity and continued success. Following up involves communicating with staff members in order to assess performance and confirm their engagement and competence. The other side of the coin is that this also provides your employees with the opportunity to speak openly about the challenges and successes they face during the performance of their jobs each day.
  • Adjust. The next and last crucial step in the management circle is adjusting. This involves taking action in regards to any deficiencies in hiring or training methods. More simply, it means changing anything that isn’t consistently working or giving you the results you need to insure the success of your practice/business.

Keep in mind that this Management Circle never really is complete. You empower, verify, follow up, and adjust and then you start all over. I can’t stress strongly enough that you must craft your vision and systems to compete in today’s Dental Economy. Secondly, I want you to go and get your free digital copy and read it again for the first time. That is how you Summit.

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