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It’s official. BEST for Dentistry (the nation’s largest group for the lowest pricing on dental goods and services to insure the survival of the independent practice of Dentistry) beats Black Friday and Cyber Monday hands down and does it 365 days a year. Don’t be the last doctor on the block to take advantage of the pricing and Alliance Partner relationships that BEST brings to the market place. It costs you nothing to join, so do it today. Every day I receive emails from happy doctors that have just discovered the benefits of BEST and their Alliance Partners.

  • A Texas doctor called to tell me that he had cut his lab bill in half and is selling his E4D machine because of disuse. For most of you that would be in the range of 4-5 percent of your gross collections saved in a year. In a million dollar a year practice, that could be $40,000-$50,000 a year that would fall directly into the doctor’s pocket. That’s not much for some of you, but we are just getting started.
  • An Oregon doctor sent me her overhead numbers and she saved tens of thousands on dental supplies in the first 9 months of 2016. Just in case you don’t know what you spend with the big three national dental supply stores, that would mean at least a 20%-40% discount on all of your dental supplies. The average office spends 8-9% of revenues on supplies. So if you are saving like the rest of the BEST members, you can put an extra $20,000+ in your pocket if you are doing a million a year. Do you really want to pay for your Patterson and Schein rep’s kids to go to private schools, or would you rather send your own? It’s your choice: Continue to lose money and overpay for supplies and services or take back your profits and redefine your financial future.
  • We’ve had dozens of doctors tell us they saved thousands on their first equipment order. Sure, you don’t do this every day, but it is still thousands of savings each time you do. Things do wear out or break and need to be replaced. Why spend more than necessary?
  • Then there is the multiplier. By taking full advantage of your membership you get the benefit of dealing with all of the “best of the best” Alliance Partners. For example: You multiply the effect of savings by getting better results with your marketing newsletters and print needs. You save 50% on compliance and thousands if you are ever looked at by OSHA or HIPPA. I can’t say enough about each and every Partner that has joined us at BEST.
  • The last thing I wanted to add is a reminder that we are adding more Alliance Partners, with deeper discounts, and a wider range of services than ever before. We have discounts for AT&T, Staples, another dental lab, telephone systems, financial and tax advice and we will soon have accounting sources for your convenience. BEST is an expanding universe to help you compete with national corporations.

The only thing that you could do to self-sabotage your practice is to not take advantage of the BEST for Dentistry community. You have nothing to lose, everything to gain, and there is no reason to not join today. Don’t wait, just go to and begin the journey of intelligent choices for a super successful year.
I look forward to helping you and your practice,

Michael Abernathy, DDS
972-523-4660 cell
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