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The old Verizon’s commercial in 2002 with the actor Paul Marcarelli harped: “Can you hear me now?” The whole point was to wake up the public to the fact that for a lot of us, we can’t hear if we choose the wrong carrier or phone network. Verizon’s point was that no matter where you were, they had the answer. On the other hand, if you go with anyone else, you are admitting that you just don’t care if it doesn’t work. Just last month Paul Marcarelli the actor was back, but back with Sprint ( NOT Verizon) reprising his role and extoling the virtues of a new carrier and asking: “Can you hear me now?” Dentistry is a whole lot like cell phone networks. Without the right network or group, you are not going to be able to go where you want to go and still use your old plan.

The one constant in Dentistry has been change. The one constant for Dentists is that they resist change. Twenty years ago resisting change meant you were not using the newest bonding agent. Today, not changing can be a career ending strategy. Most of you reading this blog know that I have written books, hundreds of articles, and routinely speak before dental crowds. With these communications over the last three decades comes a responsibility and a curious set of challenges. Foremost is staying relevant, not just over a few years, but over decades. Relevance is something everyone considers over the course of a lifetime and a business cycle. If you haven’t, you will. It is a topic I take very personally as I write this short note. There is no “delete” button on an article published or a word spoken, and that is a sobering fact. The words we write are forever reminding you and me of what I said and predictions that were forecasted and came true. Even today, you can go back and look at the books I have written or several hundred articles that were published and see a consistent correctness in their logic and verse. I know that as long as our words can have an impact on someone’s day or life or business, we are relevant.

Just like you and your business. If you can affect someone’s life with your product, service or message (while making money), you have meaning. Package that with the knowledge of what you stand for, and you are relevant.

For me, it’s simply about doing what I love. It is the fire in my belly. I wanted to take the time and thank those who consider my thoughts as valuable, and those who continue to challenge me to do better. My desire is to help each and every one of you have the dental practice you have always wanted. Thanks for reading and thanks for implementing the things I know will help you succeed. That is how you Summit. I want to invite those who have not, to consider doing one on one coaching with us and find the next level in your dental practice.

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