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Best for Dentistry

About a year ago I wrote the following in this blog. Maybe you’ll remember it.

“One of the things that we, as concerned dental owners need to do, is create an alliance of independent dental practices and doctors that want to save Dentistry and move in a new direction. I’m proposing a group that will be called ‘BEST for Dentistry’. BEST stands for Building Everyone’s Success Together.”

Well, we spent the first part of 2015 putting it together and launched in August. So far, over 400 of your colleagues have joined and many are saving thousands of dollars every month simply by taking advantage of the discounts we have negotiated on your behalf. If you haven’t joined yet (there is NO COST), let me urge to do so. Today.

The video explains everything in more detail. Give me a call if you’ve got any questions or concerns.

Michael Abernathy, DDS
[email protected]
972-523-4660 cell

PS — If you’ve already joined, thank you. Tell your friends. The more doctors that actively embrace BEST for Dentistry the better pricing we will be able to negotiate for all.