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Dr. Phil finds himself listening to some horrible situations created by what most people would conclude were just silly, stupid actions that resulted in the condition that these poor people find themselves in. His comment is usually: “How’s that working for you?” or “What were you thinking?”

I end up speaking to thousands of doctors every year and there seems to be a consistent message with almost every one of them: “I have been in practice for X years, things are not working out, I don’t know what to do next, and I need help.” I want to help, and offer to talk with anyone, any time, and send them anything they want. So right now I am having a “How’s that working for you?” moment as I see that those who need help apparently are not even willing to take five minutes, go to the Internet, join BEST for Dentistry and become a no-cost member to access all of the varied needed partners that will discount (translate that as SAVE YOU MONEY) and provide a better service than the people you currently use. BEST was created to insure that you, as an independent dentist, get the same pricing that large national dental corporations get. In addition, BEST offers the tools, services, and strategies to take your practice to an entirely new level of profitability and productivity.

Let me tell you a story: A huge one hundred year storm was brewing and guaranteed that this one area would flood and there was sure to be tremendous property damage and even probable loss of life if everyone did not leave right away. Our subject here was praying in his home petitioning God to deliver him from this almost sure calamity when a police officer knocked on the door. Going to the door, the resident was told that he needed to take only the essentials and evacuate his home immediately. His response was: “Thanks, but God will deliver me.” Sure enough, the flood came and as the water reached his doorway a boat with two rescuers approached to see if anyone was left inside. The man comes to the door and pushes it open into the floodwater and says: “No thanks, God will deliver me”. The boat moves on and several hours pass while the floodwaters deepen and the homeowner finds himself perched on the roof when a helicopter hovers overhead, a rescue basket lowers, and the pilot uses a bullhorn to tell him to jump in and be saved. The man responds by telling him that “God will deliver me” while waving him off. The water continues to rise and the man drowns and instantly appears before God. The man, with a bit of an attitude says: “God, I prayed for you to deliver me and you let me drown.” To which God responded: “What were you thinking? I sent a policeman, a rescue boat and a helicopter. What exactly were you waiting for”?

Here is my question. What are you waiting for? Why haven’t you joined Dentistry’s largest group who are taking the fight to corporations while preserving the independent practice of dentistry? Time’s wasting and your membership is essential to bringing more vendors in to expand the areas we can help you with.

It can’t be the cost, because it costs you nothing.

It can’t be the vendors or partners, because they are the best there are. We used them in my practice and our Summit clients practices and have years of following their reputations.

It certainly isn’t the fact that you don’t need better pricing and significant cost savings, because most practices have terrible overheads. Dentists call me all the time complaining about how their personal incomes aren’t what they want them to be. But given the chance to lower costs and save money that will go straight into their pockets, they take the path of least resistance and don’t make the needed changes. A smart guy named Einstein once defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result. Act today to make 2016 better.

Do yourself a huge favor, and join right now at: Secondly, go tell your office manager or the person that orders supplies, equipment, and services what you just did and show them how to access the site and the Alliance Partners. Do the same with your assistant that manages your lab cases.

Finally, order from these companies that have gone out on a limb to give us the access and pricing that is far below what they offer anyone else. If you don’t frequent these partners that are taking a stand against the demise of the independent dental practice, you are indicating that you just don’t care or have already given up and are resigned to the inevitable extinction of the independent dentist.

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