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Success Story

Editor’s Note: Mike received this letter (unsolicited) via email a couple of weeks ago. He suggested sending it out in the weekly blog as an encouragement to all our faithful readers. Congratulations to Dr. Niemi and our thanks for his willingness to share. MG

Success Story

I purchased Michael Abernathy’s “The Roadmap to Wealth & Security” fresh off the press in 2010. I had previously been introduced to Michael’s “Dental Transitions” through Woody Oakes “The Profitable Dentist.”

It has taken me four years to hit all of the benchmarks presented in this book. At this time I have a practice that is debt-free, and runs with 57% overhead over the last 24 months.

Production/collection numbers are at 1.3 million. Most importantly I have a practice that is “staff owned” by incredible staff leaders.

On Aug 4, 2014 I hired my seasonal trial partner and am thrilled to say I’ve got my first transitional partner.

My initial trial partner did not work out because I did not follow Michael Abernathy exactly. I chose a candidate that had been in corporate dentistry for over 10 years and was interested in buying a practice “because all of her dental friends had already done so.” This went against all of Michael’s recommendations in the book. I also did not do a 2-5 day working interview to evaluate this candidate’s dental and people skills. Unfortunately this mistake cost me 9 months of transitional time.

Fortunately, I learned from my errors and corrected my trial partner applicant process and located, “the” candidate I have dreamed of 4 years earlier.

As part of my hiring process I had the candidate read Summit’s essay on “ The Super General Dental Practice”, and “Perspective” to see if he had disagreements with our practice’s philosophies. There was only agreement and understanding.

In the last two months with the new trial partner we’ve already increased production and new patient statistics by 66% with double consumer hours available to patients. I find the statistics incredible. My staff are receiving super bonuses that improve their lives.

I have also utilized Michael’s contacts in the book for asset protection and investment strategies. My family thanks you Michael.

I consider Michael and Max bright minds in the current state of dentistry. Michael has worked directly with my attorney to guide him through the contract phase of the transition so that all parties of the agreement win.

I’m so excited by my current business organization abilities and the continued creation of a successful ever-changing dental practice. I will also get Summit into my practice in the near future to put a fine polish on the practice. But truthfully all we did was apply Michael’s book and Summit’s newsletters until now. They are simple, easy to agree with and just require the intention to apply them to result.

Hope this story inspires other dentists to connect with Summit and create practices that improve the lives of everyone they touch.

With highest admiration and love,

Thomas Niemi

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