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Painless Case Acceptance

100% case acceptance is within your reach. I want to give you three quick scripts to begin using with your case presentations that will make the non-assertive doctor look more competent and the overly assertive doctor look caring and compassionate. In both extremes, these three scripts will move you toward a more balanced approach that will work with everyone.

1. The Painless Cracked Tooth: With the use of trans-illumination, intraoral photos, and demonstration with a crack detector (or in Texas, a Q tip), we can show most people the physical and visual crack. The problem is that often times it just doesn’t bother them that much. No matter how much time we spend educating, they never seem to buy it. Keep in mind that case acceptance has little or nothing to do with logic. It’s all about emotion. Let’s assume that after everyone does their best, the patient still will not follow through with a crown. Be sure you take a picture that shows the fracture, print it, and give it to the patient (be sure and label the back with your office logo and name, phone number, address, and website URL), then close with this script: “Mrs. Reluctant, I understand that you are uncertain about what you want to do, but, whatever you do, be sure and do not bite or chew anything on that tooth until you get it fixed. You could easily fracture it, where it would need a root canal or worst case scenario you could lose it if you split the entire tooth. Just give us a call the minute you are ready to save the tooth.”

2. The Questioning Doubter: All day long it seems we are constantly looked upon as a lowlife salesman that just makes up things for our patients to purchase. I don’t know where this came from, but at least once a day I will be asked: “Do I really need _____________?” We all know the answer is yes, hell yes, but let me give you the perfect come back that will make all of you look concerned, caring, competent, and altruistic to a fault. When asked if they really need this, or couldn’t you just put a filling in, this say: “Mrs. Doubter, if you were my Mom (make it age appropriate: son, daughter, dad, or Grand-parent) and it wasn’t costing anything, we would have placed a crown on this tooth years ago. Yes, the tooth needs the crown and I am sure we can show you an interest free way of fitting it into your budget”.

3. Finish Strong: In our module called 100% Case Acceptance, we cover every script, detail, and system to partner with your staff to help patients want the dentistry they need. Years ago I added a perfect closing script, and I want to share it with you now. I will assume that you have followed our 100% Case Acceptance System (the hygienist or assistant has gone over everything they have seen, told you what the patient wants, what they can afford, and what their dental IQ is) and this will be your strong finish: “It sounds like you want to _______________.” (Repeat exactly what the patient wanted to do first, and could afford). In this way they will always do what they “want” so schedule that first, do only the financial arrangements for that area, wow them by fitting the cost into their budget, be on time, don’t hurt them, and give them something that looks good, feels good, and will last a long time.

We have put together a package for all of you to help in the partnership you need to form with your assistant and hygienist to push the envelope of case acceptance, profitability, and efficient and effective systems to inspire your patients to follow through with treatment and to refer everyone they know. The two modules are called: 100% Case Acceptance, and The Hygiene Factor.

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These three areas are foundation stones in moving your practice toward The Super General Dental Practice. This is how you Summit.

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