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A riddle: What can be done once but many times, costs little, but creates a lot, is possible, but seldom done? Answer: Doing one more per day. Simple solutions can often be the holy grail of dentistry. Click here One More Per Day and you will find a down and dirty chart of seven simple procedures. While most of us are looking for the home run strategy, consider what doing just one more will do for your practice. As you look at the chart, realize that four out of seven (57%) of the procedures can be performed by a hygienist. This can be easily done if you would consider going to a 50 minute recall instead of a 60 minute which could give you an extra 80 minutes a day to fit in a game changing amount of production. The other three procedures done by the doctor could be easily added if your staff would just disconnect your phone and nail your office door shut (without you in it, even if they would prefer it the other way). We all lose sight of the fact that we only have today, and we need to make today count.

While speaking recently with a doctor over the phone, I did a couple of short calculations. He was taking two hours off each day at lunch. After running the numbers for his hourly production over the last year, just working one hour of the two for the three and a half days a week he worked would have added an additional $260,000 to his bottom line. Pretty significant when you consider he had an 80% overhead, and that was just working one more hour a day.

As in most things we need to look for the simple solutions, the low hanging fruit first, then move on from there. So consider how easily it is to add an additional $460,000 a year to your revenues as you look at the results below. And before any of you get all worked up and call me about your PPO “write-offs”, it would still be an extra $370,000 after deducting 20% for the insurance adjustments. It’s not rocket science and can easily be done by each and every doctor reading this. Take the direct route and add thousands to your bottom line with no more stress, no more staff, no more new patients, and nothing but net.

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One More Per Day