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The "S" Word (Sales)


Chris Mullins’ The Phone Sales Doctor™ 

The “S” Word (Sales)

Make life easy for yourself—save time and energy—and start from the beginning. Hire people that can sell or will be O.K. with selling, meaning not offended by it. It’s more important to hire people that understand sales, the bottom line, sales targets, scripts, goals and business than it is to hire those experienced in your business.

It’s time to yell and scream at the top of your lungs the “S” word. Say it right now!




Put up “What did you sell today?” signs (everybody should have those everywhere, except of course, where your customers will see them). In fact, you (the owner/manager) and each team member must talk sales (Sales Talk™) everyday, no exceptions!

I LOVE SALES, and I believe in sales and teach sales. I help folks like you identify sales moments. Think about it for a moment. We’re all born salespeople, naturally trying to convince others of what we believe to be true and of what we want, trying to change beliefs, and in many cases we don’t even realize it. Everything we do in our life involves sales. In fact, sales should be taught early on in junior high school. It would make life so much easier for students, and it would make them better applicants in the job world, which would help us all.

Sales is training for life, from trying to convince your partner of the value of some new high-priced gizmo you want to buy, to convincing your daughter’s teacher that even though she may have Attention Deficit Disorder you fully expect the teachers to work just as hard for her future success as they do with all other students, to convincing the store manager of a retail store that you expect a complete refund, etc.

There are bad apples and good apples out there, bad salespeople who lie, who don’t care about anything they sell or the people they sell to. Then there’s you and me; we love what we do and believe in it. But at the end of the day, we know we must sell, increase our herd of prospective customers and retain our established customers—or we’re out of business. Basically, as long as you do your homework and match the right products and services to your interested prospects and established customers, you’re golden. That’s sales!

Of course, you never give up. In fact, if you don’t continually offer your prospects and established customers more products and services, whether they ask for them or not, you’re doing them a disservice. They deserve to know what you have available, and they deserve the opportunity to believe they’re worthy of more, so give them a chance!

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