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ASK for the Appointment!


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ASK for the Appointment!

ASK for the appointment regardless of the business you’re in—auto repair, retail, health insurance, pest control, dentistry, real estate investor, loan officers, tree service, attorney—JUST ASK! Reading these tips from real businesses will give you great ideas for your own operations:

Davina at Dr. Gary Newell’s office says she learned to have a list available with appointment days and times. Finish the call in a timely manner, and focus on scheduling the appointment. When closing the appointment, repeat the date and time reserved.

Terri at Frisco School of Music says making a personal connection and having a longer conversation with the potential customer is a GOOD thing, and she will continue to do that. She adds … “It was my natural inclination anyway, but I had been told to make those calls faster.”

Christy at Dr. Brian Bergh’s says she learned that it’s very important to follow #9 on her script, which is designed to commit patients to their appointments. Make use of the word “excellent” as opposed to “awesome,” and always stay focused and follow the script.

Karyl at South Shore Veterinary Clinic says she learned the emotional pain factor needs to be addressed more. In difficult situations, it is O.K. to let clients know you are concerned for their pets and would really like to get them in for an exam. Ask clients what is keeping them from making a decision today.

Melissa at Dr. Matiasevich Jr.’s office says to make sure you don’t make decisions for the patients—let them decide. Ask for that emotional trigger on what prompted them to call today.

Dr. Gary Newell says that a long silence while the staff person looks up an appointment time or writes out the reason for call is uncomfortable for the potential client. If someone is calling on behalf of a spouse, get the name of the spouse. Have available times in your head or close at hand. Note the appointment and fill it in later. Use both names (caller and spouse) and get a reason for the call from each.

Laura at Beaver Dental Care says she learned that it’s really important not to get into prices. She adds … “I also realized how important it is that I take control of the call from the beginning.”

Amber at BARF World Inc. says she learned: 1) Get the dog’s profile info so you can properly upsell; 2) Probe the customer further (what prompted you to call today?) to find ways to upsell; 3) When customers redeem a promotion, make sure to tell them how much they saved to stress the importance of the coupon/promotion; 4) Make a cheat sheet for current promotions so you can quickly reference it; 5) Make a splurge list of what you can upsell so you always have something ready depending on your customer’s situation/need.


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