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Owner Doctor(s) Leadership Checklist


  • Review deposit slip and daysheet from prior day and compare to schedule
  • Review actual vs goal from prior day for each producer
  • Review actual vs goal for next day for each producer
  • Review all adjustments and write-offs
  • Be positive at all times – set a positive tone for each day
  • SMILE — a lot
  • Be the biggest advocate in the practice FOR the bonus
  • Compliment and encourage liberally and publically
  • Correct and discipline conservatively and privately
  • 100% focus on the business while in the building (no discussion of personal problems; no personal calls, emails, or texting; no personal errands; no Internet surfing; etc.  (set the example)
  • Teach/Train Constantly
  • Be sure that claims are filed daily and statements are sent daily
  • Ensure all appointments start and end on time



  • Inspect to ensure that all graphs/monitors are current
  • Review status of on-going patient reactivation efforts with person responsible
  • Review A/R and outstanding insurance report with person responsible
  • Verify sufficiency of schedule openings for new patients
  • Be sure computer backup is valid
  • Review current projects with Office Manager



  • Review P&L from previous month and share results with team
  • If budgeted items are out of range, discuss with person responsible
  • Review actual vs goal from prior month for every producer and make any necessary adjustments for new month
  • Review ROI for each external marketing item from prior month
  • Review hygiene department recare percentage
  • Conduct consistent monthly team meeting with input from everyone and a written agenda posted one week prior to the meeting



  • Review/plan external marketing items for next quarter
  • Review tax planning with CPA
  • Review office policy manual for any needed updates
  • Review effectiveness of marketing plan and make any needed adjustments



  • Complete performance review for each team member
  • Establish budgets for the following: dental supplies; office supplies; marketing; technology; remodel/refurbish; lab; compensation; etc., based on prior years results and new yearforecast and assign responsibility to specific individuals
  • Prepare marketing plan for the year
  • Mark annual calendar for holidays, vacation(s), CE events, etc.
  • Review CE credit requirements
  • Raise the fees