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TRANSITIONS: The Number One Wealth Building Strategy in Dentistry Today Registration

It takes effort to create great practices. Whether you plan to expand your practice’s profitability or create an exit strategy, you will discover how to structure the transition to be a win-win transaction that will have a 92% success rate. You will acquire proven strategies for staging your practice, systems, and staffing to maximize your potential for unlimited growth.
What will I learn?

  • How to accelerate the growth and profitability of your practice while doubling (or tripling) its value!
  • Tap into unrealized financial opportunities.
  • How to use this model of transitions for multiple locations.
  • Increase your “tax-advantaged” income by 30-50%.
  • Create multiple streams of income.
  • Proper asset protection and wealth preservation techniques.
  • The “how to” steps in staging this strategy to avoid the common pitfalls (no loss of control; no reduction in income).
  • Early-career dentists — Know what a “transition ready” practice looks like so you can maximize your investment of time and profit by making your first practice the ideal practice. Get at least a 5-year head start on the competition.
  • Mid-career dentists — Boost profitability in your practice, bring in an associate or partner, or expand into owning a group practice. Your income potential is truly UNLIMITED!
  • Late-career dentists — Plan a transition and reach your retirement goals. Don’t be among the growing number of dentists all across the country that may never be able to retire.
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