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Human Resources

Few areas in Dentistry are as important as your ability to assemble a great staff.  It takes even more skills to turn that “group” into a team.  Truly the “practice” of Dentistry has become the “business” of dentistry.  Leadership, systems, …

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How's Your Hook Shot?

I have had it explained to me how easy it should be for my doctors to seat my crowns. My favorite explanation came from none other than Dr. Mike Abernathy himself. He put it to me in a way that …

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Everything Counts – Ten Reasons We're Up 20% This Year in This Economy

For nearly 20 years, I have read many articles about our profession but this is my first one to write. Our consultant, Dave Rutty from Summit Practice Solutions, called me last week and said, “Do you realize your production is …

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What You Do Every Day May Not Be Your Job

Every couple of weeks someone prepares a payroll for your office.  Every month someone pays the bills, and as owner you get to take what’s left.  This commonplace occurrence tends to mislead doctors and team members into thinking they were …

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Election Time State of the Union Dental Strategies

This is the year someone is staying and someone is leaving in Washington.  It will get better, or it won’t.  It’s happened before, and it will happen again.  The problem is, every time it happens you start trying to figure …

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"Donor and Recipient" Dental Practices

Early in my career, I realized my best referral source wasn’t the direct response mailers, new resident programs, care-to-share programs, signage, or even location.  To my surprise, it was the Orthodontist and two other GP Dental practices down the street.  …

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What Can I Do To Improve The Morale of My Team?

If this is a question you ask yourself daily, then your practice may suffer from distributive inequity. While this term is seldom heard, it pervades the halls of many practices, destroying team morale and generally making the dentist’s life miserable. …

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Dentists have heard the word “delegate” for years, yet many still do not believe it can actually work for their practice.  However, delegation with proper planning creates a team of skilled, responsible professionals.

The key is skill.  Skill results from …

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Dave's Insurance Question

Dave, it’s good to hear from you.  I hope my reply to your question helps.

Any input on Delta Dental refusing to pay for crowns? For the last month they are refusing to pay for crowns; we have never had

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Contentment and Purpose (part 2)

The Fulfillment Curve

The Fulfillment Curve is one of the main tenets of a great book called Your Money Or Your Life by Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robin.  Rather than attempt to explain it myself, I’ve included below a summary …

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