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Success Story: Dr. Rick Miller

Hi, I’m Dr. Rick Miller. I want to tell you about my experience with Summit Management. I started with them probably 20 years ago; I had just put myself through school, I had no dental knowledge before dental school, nobody in my family was a dentist and I also didn’t have any business knowledge. I started and I have been in practice, finally got my own practice, and I’ve been in my own practice for probably two to three years and it was a struggle. I was doing what I could to bring my practice along and then by the grace of God I met Mike Abernathy. Both him and his partner Max Gotcher really helped me turn my practice around. From the time I met them I was producing probably $30,000 a month, and within six months to maybe a year I was producing and collecting $80 – 85,000 a month. Subsequent to that I’ve kept it at that level or better. Their principles are so sound and they’ll show you everything from technique to business principles to how to market your practice, how your staff should run; they really have an all-encompassing practice solution and I would highly recommend them to anybody.