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Success Story: Dr. Joe Trammell

I’m Dr. Joe Trammell from Franklin, Tennessee which is about 15 miles south of Nashville in middle Tennessee. My first experience with Summit Management, the first call with Max Gotcher, we were in the process of trying to find a new dentist to come in to go to work with me. I’d already been through one associate who decided not to buy in. We tried to acclimate a new dentist in and probably the best thing that Max and Mike both did was what I call the ‘Good Cop, Bad Cop.’ They got us both on phones and talked to us about the positives for me, the positives for Dr. Chad, the new dentist that came in, and actually set up the idea of the buy in over a long period of time. Just about three months ago Dr. Chad bought in fully as a 50% partner.

Max was always real good about coming in, and Max was always real good about being able to be captured on the phone or by email, very quick to respond. A good thing about Summit is they actually come in and do visits once a month. We stopped probably three or four years ago but we only did that just because we thought everything was kind of running pretty well. I can still call Max, still email him, still ask him questions and that’s where we are with Summit Management. I’d recommend you talk to them, they’re very inexpensive relative to a lot of the other places that people will seek out, but like I said you’ll just like the customer service that you’ll get with both Mike and Max.

I guess probably the biggest thing about the measurable results is just everything started working a lot better. We have a real big hygiene program and I guess that was one of the perils we had when Max first started. We had about a two or three hygienist practice going on at the time, we now have five or six part time hygienists now and there are at least four to five hygiene days every day in the office now. Building the hygiene practice was probably the biggest thing that Summit helped us with.