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Dental Practice Management Strategies

Produce More, Collect All, Keep Half – A catchy phrase that embodies the goal of many doctors for their practice. We at Summit Practice Solutions can teach you proven strategies that will help you reach these goals. These principles are important foundations creating balance in both your practice and personal life. Reaching these goals professionally should be your objective as a practitioner and business owner, as it will give you the free time and financial freedom to enjoy your personal life.

In our tenure in this industry, we have never encountered a practice that produces at an absolute maximum. The truth is there is always room for growth and improvement, and new ways to boost efficiency and productivity. Your business starts dying the moment it stops growing. Summit Practice Solutions can identify the different ways to increase doctor production through efficient scheduling, reducing cancellations and no-shows, and guiding your hygiene team to be not just productive, but highly profitable as well.

You should get paid if you do the work – no questions asked. We will mentor you regarding proper patient communication dealing with treatment plans and financial arrangements. This helps you increase case acceptance and ups your collection ratio as well. Summit Practice Solutions will also help you implement systems allowing patients to choose from several payment options and ensure your practice gets the money.

The real issue is this – how much do you get to keep? We want all of the practices we work with to have overhead expenses of approximately 50%. This goal is achievable; keeping half is possible by either increasing your production or reducing your operating expenses. We will help you do both, and you might be surprised at how much less stressful your days are when you know you will keep half of every dollar you produce.