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Comprehensive Coaching Program

Having a coach can do more than just mentor you in the development of systems and leadership skills. A coach can give you another set of eyes and ears that will help you see outside of the balloon surrounding your daily experience.

This program will provide you with the following:

Extensive documentation detailing the highly successful systems recommended from the experience of Dr. Mike Abernathy

Audio CD’s with Dr. Abernathy and Max Gotcher (President of Summit Practice Solutions) discussing each practice management system

Production building techniques, team development strategies, financial systems, practice monitors, graphs, recommended overhead levels, marketing samples, scripts, patient forms, insurance, collection letters and much more

A minimum of eight in-office visits to teach the concepts to you and your team and to design an implementation plan for your office

Unlimited telephone, fax, and e-mail support

The Comprehensive Coaching Program is billed monthly. Travel expenses are additional.

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