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BEST for Dentistry

Summit is very happy to be a part of BEST for Dentistry and we look forward to helping more dentists all across the country build super successful dental practices.

Since our beginning 25 years ago, Summit has used the motto: “Produce More, Collect All, Keep Half”. For many years we had great success in making this a reality in hundreds of practices.

Unfortunately over the past 6-8 years several disturbing trends have combined to make it more and more difficult to achieve that elusive 50% overhead (Keep Half).

And coupling ever increasing supply, equipment, and lab costs (among many other cost increases) with the rapid expansion of Corporate owned practices and the downward fee pressure applied by insurance companies, it is apparent that more and more dentists are worker harder and harder while earning far less than in years past. IT’S TIME TO REVERSE THAT TREND!

So we are excited to be a part of this group and to work together to save the independent dental practice from extinction. To that end, we are pleased to offer a 50% discount on all of our audio, video, and print products to members of BEST for Dentistry.

Just visit our website at and use promo code “BestForYou“.

To receive a no cost, no obligation Growth Strategy Analysis for your practice, simply call 800-252-0955 or email [email protected] with your request.